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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Nadia Jandali Chao

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Nadia Jandali Chao is a student in the inaugural cohort of the LLM in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law. Here we chat with her about her experience with the program thus far.

What lead you to apply to the program?

I work in a very specialized area of health privacy and felt it important to expand my perspective to include the broader privacy landscape, particularly given that it is no longer an option to treat privacy issues in silos due to an increasingly interconnected digital world and increasingly complex issues.

Although you’re in the earlier stages of the program, what has your experience been like so far?

I already feel I have a much broader understanding of privacy issues which has enhanced my ability to provide context to the stakeholders I advise. Providing context makes privacy more meaningful to people and helps them understand why the requirements matter. This context has helped me shift conversations about privacy away from a strict compliance focus towards a view of privacy as a key strategic imperative.

I have appreciated that students come from a variety of industries and some also bring international experience. This allows for deeper class discussion of how privacy law has developed and evolved over time in various countries and contexts.

We’re now accepting applications for Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law classes starting in Winter 2021. To learn more about this specialization, please visit our website.

Nadia Jandali Chao is Head of Privacy and General Counsel at BEACON | MindBeacon Group and Founder of Bespoke Law.

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