Breaking Ground: OsgoodePD Renovations Begin

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The day has finally come. OsgoodePD’s 1 Dundas Street location is closed for renovations until August 31, 2018. We’ve talked about our renovation plans in previous posts, with an overview of our plans, and the first phase of our move. Yesterday marked the last day of programs in our downtown facility, and our staff are getting ready for the demolition.

Gow Hastings proposed plans for OsgoodePD's Central Hub area

We are still holding programs and classes over the summer, with the latest info on our Renovation Updates page on our website. While our downtown location is closed, you can still reach us via email or phone.

As we purged and packed, we found some great gems, like the invitation to OsgoodePD’s launch in 1995 (left) and our first LLM brochure (right).

OsgoodePD's 1995 invitation

LLM brochure

and a Rolodex

Here’s one last look at the space from yesterday:

OsgoodePD lobby area

OsgoodePD class E

We’ll be posting updates throughout the summer, and will have a sneak peek of the new space in September!

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