Last Minute CPD

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Falling short on CPD? Still need some extra professionalism hours before 2016 draws to a close? OsgoodePD can help in your last minute CPD dash.

We’ve taken the time to curate hundreds of hours of programming to provide you with our top On Demand picks suitable to your practice area.

Practice Management
pmwebseries_projectmgmt101_200x200v2 Red Plus pmwebseriesii_session1200x200v2 opd_equals_sml 225_hours
Family Law
ethics_in_family_law_200x200_v2 Red Plus ethics_in_family_law_selfreps200x200 opd_equals_sml 225_hours
Criminal Law
judgestoptips_200x200 Red Plus dna_200x200 opd_equals_sml 150_hours
Business & Corporate Law
pmwebseries_projectmgmt101_200x200v2 Red Plus kenadams_session1200x200v2 opd_equals_sml 200_hours
Personal Injury Law
personalinjury-lawandpractice200x200 Red Plus personalinjury-assesingcapacity200x200 Red Equals Sign 225_hours
Ethics & Professionalism
judgestoptips_200x200 Red Plus ethicsandexpertwitnesses200x200 opd_equals_sml 200_hours
Civil Litigation
ethics_in_ediscovery_200x200v2 Red Plus ethicsandexpertwitnesses200x200 Red Equals Sign 225_hours
Inhouse Corporate Counsel
ethicalissuesinhousecounsel200x200 Red Plus pmwebseries_howtobudget200x200 Red Equals Sign 225_hours

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