Remembering the LLM Experience at Spring Convocation

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As the Fall 2020 application window opens and the journey starts for some, we got a taste of the LLM experience from Spring Convocation where we spoke with graduates on the highlights of their time at Osgoode.

Quality and Support of Faculty and Staff

“I still remember my first few days at Osgoode.

As a new immigrant to Canada when I started in Osgoode, I was overwhelmed with the new culture, new environment, and the academic undertaking. But thankfully, Osgoode and its staff, my professors, and classmates were very approachable, respectful, and welcoming and that allowed me to cope well with the rigors of academic life.

Osgoode’s culture of inclusiveness and academic excellence defined my experience throughout my two-year study and I am very grateful for that.”

Luther Ramos, LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law

“The staff, and professors do not treat you like a number, but they treat you like an individual and with respect.

I was facing adversity and challenges around my health and personal life, shortly after I started this program. At times feelings of hopelessness and defeat would set in.  After all I was older, than most of my classmates…I am a single mother, working full time and was dealing with so many challenges! I had one set back after another, and looking back…it felt as though I would not see today.

However, the professors and staff at the Osgoode LLM program made those feelings do a  complete 180, and gave me hope, determination and the will to persevere and push through one day at a time..and not just complete my LLM… but to do well!”

Manjit Singh, LLM in Canadian Common Law

Successfully Juggling Life/Family/Work/School

“My daughter was born days prior to the first class in my second semester. I remember how proud I was to raise my daughter up to the video screen, to introduce her to my fellow classmates. Having a new born and being able to remote into classes was priceless to balance work, school and family blessings.”   

Charlena Claxton, LLM in Health Law

Gowlings Hall

Connections Made in Class

“A favourite memory of my time at Osgoode would be difficult to isolate to a single event. I engaged with numerous interesting, diverse and genuine colleagues and faculty whom I will continue working and personal relationships with for many years to come. However, I will always remember the feeling of pride while walking through Gowlings Hall to class – a sense of honour I will never forget.

Be yourself and be sure to make a notable effort to participate and engage with your colleagues – this approach pays dividends to your legal education. Law school is competitive, and it is important to have others going through the same experiences as yourself to lean on for support.”

Dante Spadacini, LLM in International Business Law

“Network and be social! Studying is important but so is creating a healthy work/life balance. Socializing introduced me to amazing individuals who I studied with throughout my time at Osgoode and will continue to be great friends with outside of Osgoode. Networking allowed me to introduce myself to individuals working at law firms and helped me to land my articling position!”

Jacqueline Angelakis, LLM in Canadian Common Law

Moving Forward in their Career

“My entire experience at Osgoode consists of numerous valuable moments; professors who became my mentors and friends who became my family.

A significant highlight, however, was the moment I found out that Osgoode PD had partnered with the Institute for the Future of Law Practice (IFLP) program. My participation in this program allowed me to attend a 3-week boot camp at the Northwestern University, Pritzker School of Law, in Chicago, followed by a 10-week paid internship with a leading law firm in Toronto.

Through IFLP and my internship, I gained valuable insight into innovative ways of legal service delivery, that included the use of technological tools and lean thinking. This experience coupled with my IP and Business Law LLM at Osgoode was the cornerstone of my career in Canada and led to another exciting opportunity with a different leading law firm.

I would advise new students to try and explore new interests that will distinguish them from their peers and most probably land them a fulfilling job. Finally, I will pass along the advice I received, that is, smart networking is everything.”

Yonida Koukio, LLM in Intellectual Property and Business Law

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