What We’re Doing Re the COVID-19 Pandemic

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You can see here (for continuing legal education) and here (for professional LLM) how we are responding to the urgent logistical issues that the COVID-19 situation has raised for our students, instructors, speakers and program participants. These notices address what has been scheduled and was in the pipeline BEFORE THE PANDEMIC.

Over the next few days and weeks we will be working on supporting everyone as we adjust to the short-term changes in how courses and programs are being delivered. Because we had an existing online technology and support infrastructure, we are also supporting a number of our clients in continuing their short-term in-house education and training.

We are also caring for each other. In this time of physical isolation and health risk, it’s important that we pull “close”. We are supporting our students and our staff with online meet-ups for the sole purpose of fun.

Like many others, we are turning our minds to short term needs arising BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC. Over the next few days and weeks, we will have some new online offerings to address critical questions and needs.

We’re also thinking about what the world will be like AFTER THE PANDEMIC. We’re not the only ones who see that things might never be the same, and perhaps in ways that would improve access to justice and legal education. Before the pandemic, we had scheduled an Osgoode Certificate in Online Dispute Resolution. Ironically, we had to postpone it because the expert faculty have been called upon to help tribunals and courts move online during the pandemic, and that is rightly, the priority. But when this is over, we have a hunch that these skills will be more important than ever.

The excruciatingly slow transition to using digital tools to make the justice system, the delivery of legal services and legal education, more accessible may well shift into a higher gear. Designing and delivering professional legal education for the new normal, whatever that might look like, is what we are doing now. If you have thoughts or ideas about that, please email me at

Please keep yourself and others safe.
On behalf of all of us at Osgoode Professional Development,


Victoria Watkins
Executive Director

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