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At Osgoode Professional Development, we’re very excited to launch a brand new video for our Part-Time Professional LLM program.

We often get the question “why should I pursue an LLM?” and thought it was a question best answered by our current students and alumni.

The Part-Time Professional LLM is currently accepting applications for a Winter 2018 start until October 11, 2017. Applications for our Fall 2018 term will be opening later this fall (and we’ll make an announcement when that happens). If you’re still on the fence, or want more information, sign up for our next Information Session Webinar.

Want to hear more about the Professional LLM experience? Here’s more from some of the students and alumni featured in the video:

Bob Tarantino sitting in a directors chair

Bob Tarantino
Counsel, Dentons Canada LLP
Specialization: Intellectual Property LLM

Why should someone complete an LLM?
Completing your LLM helps brand yourself as someone who is dedicated to the policy imperatives and has thought deeply about issues. An LLM acts as a badge – it has marked me out and created a distinction in my qualifications.

Why did you choose Osgoode Professional Development’s Professional LLM program?
I knew the calibre of the teachers and the quality of the content was going to be top notch. I love research and writing and the Professional LLM program gave me the chance to learn in a different context. When you’re practicing, you’re not researching for the joy of learning. Also the downtown location for the program is really convenient. For me, it was an obvious decision.

Kelley Hoffer Interview_synced.00_22_04_12.Still001

Kelley Hoffer
Chief Compliance Officer
and Head of RBC Capital Markets Compliance (Canada)
Specialization: Securities Law LLM

Why should someone complete an LLM?
If you have an underlying need for learning, you owe it to yourself.

Why did you choose Osgoode Professional Development’s Professional LLM program?
The structure of the program and the flexibility around of the courses; where you attend & how you attend were deciding factors. Also, I’m a practitioner, not an academic, so the theory and opportunity to engage with different professional and academics was really attractive.

Fay McFarlane Interview_synced.00_17_34_17.Still004

Fay McFarlane
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Specialization: Dispute Resolution LLM, Family Law LLM, currently studying Civil Litigation LLM

Why should someone complete an LLM?
Taking an LLM will enhance your practice – when people see that I have completed a Master’s degree, they automatically know that I have higher expertise. Also, the research undertaken in an LLM is still of value today – I refer to my course notes and materials regularly. Even when things change, I use them as foundational knowledge.

Why did you choose Osgoode Professional Development’s Professional LLM program?
I researched a lot before choosing a school and all the reviews for OsgoodePD were really positive. At the time I was running my own practice, and I wanted a course that wasn’t going to interrupt or interfere. I was able to choose a course to fit in with my schedule and complete the degree.

B-ROLLS of Osgoode Classes and Interviewees with Profile Shots.02_05_10_23.Still011

Erica Zarkovich
General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer and Corporate Secretary,
Cancer Care Ontario
Specialization: Health Law LLM

Why should someone complete an LLM?
If you’re interested in pursuing expertise in a specific area, building on that expertise and developing professional relationships in a specific area, then an LLM is for you. Ultimately, it’s a personal and professional challenge.

Why did you choose Osgoode Professional Development’s Professional LLM program?
I had heard a lot of great things about the program from a lot of people, and it lived up to its reputation. I also liked the breadth of topics – was able to learn a lot across different disciplines. And the flexibility of the course structure was important as it meant I could continue working full time.

Ready to take the next step in your professional journey? Learn more about the Professional LLM program or join us for an online Information Session today.

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